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Growing Crystals in Gels - Advanced Laboratory Kit

Growing Crystals in Gels - Advanced Laboratory Kit, AP8751
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Growing Crystals in Gels - Advanced Laboratory Kit
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By: Tanya Phillips
Piedmont H.S., Piedmont, CA

Growing crystals in gels is a fascinating way to show chemical reactions over time. By mixing a few solutions together a gel is made that contains an evenly distributed ion. Another ionic solution or a piece of metal is placed at the top of the gel. As the ionic solution slowly diffuses through the gel, a new substance is formed. The two clear chemical solutions react and, before your eyes, beautiful crystals appear. Crystals will begin forming within a few hours and will continue growing for weeks to come. This lab makes an excellent year-long classroom display. Test tubes, stoppers and all necessary chemicals are provided.

Complete for 30 students working in pairs. The Introductory Kit allows you to prepare three different gels and the Advanced Kit allows you to prepare six different gels. 

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