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Mercon Spray, 250 mL, with Spray Nozzle Tip

Mercon™ Mercury Spill Control Kit AP8771
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Mercon Spray, 250 mL, with Spray Nozzle Tip
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A mercury thermometer has just broken in your laboratory. What's the best and safest way to clean up this mercury spill? Consider trying the Mercon Mercury Spill Control Kit. The ingredients used in this kit are virtually 100% effective as a mercury suppressant and decontaminant. On contact with mercury, Mercon immediately stops mercury vapor from going into the air.

How does Mercon work? The Mercon solution creates a “shell” over the mercury immediately stopping it from emitting vapor. Once the “shell” is in place, the active ingredients in Mercon chemically convert vapor-producing elemental mercury into a non-vapor-producing mercuric salt.

A detailed six-step cleanup plan using the Mercon Mercury Spill Kit can be found below. Kit includes:

Merconspray-Conveniently reduces airborne mercury vapor to provide a safer environment for cleaning up spills. 250-mL size with spray nozzle.

Merconvap-A very effective liquid mercury vapor suppressant and decontaminant. Formulated to immediately stop emission of mercury vapor on contact.

Mercury Aspirator-A simple and easy-to-use device to pick up mercury off the floor or countertop. Tapered suction tip allows access to hard-to-get areas where mercury can hide.

Mercontainer-A container for safe storage of mercury after a cleanup. Special sponge lining coated with a Mercon solution allows for repeated uses.

Merconwipes-70 towelettes pre-charged with Merconvap concentrate. Cleans and decontaminates mercury spill areas. Convenient and easy to use.

If you use mercury thermometers or have mercury metal in your school, this kit is an absolute must!

Please visit http://labsafety.flinnsci.com/Chapter.aspx?ChapterId=124&UnitId=9 to view a free video on Chemical Spill Control!


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