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History of Chemistry Caricature Set

History of Chemistry Caricature Set, AP8780, etc
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History of Chemistry Caricature Set
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By: Rose M. Robacker, Chemistry Teacher, Retired
Newfoundland, PA

The “History of Chemistry”—what a fascinating topic. Students will learn about the men and women who have brought the study of chemistry to the point we are at today. Through the use of caricatures and anecdotes famous chemists are brought to life in your classroom. Students will find the caricatures and anecdotes entertaining, and also develop a better understanding of the chemistry concepts being taught because of the historical backgrounds shared with them.

In the History of Chemistry Caricature Set, 40 famous chemists are discussed. Each caricature is printed on 11" x 17" heavy-duty card stock. The anecdotes are printed on the back side of each card. These wonderful anecdotes are sure to be of interest to your students!

In the History of Chemistry Book, 103 famous chemists are discussed. 302 pages, 8½" x 11", spiral-bound.


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