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Absorption Spectroscopy - Demonstration Kit

Absorption Spectroscopy - Demonstration Kit, AP8823
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Absorption Spectroscopy - Demonstration Kit
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By: John Brodemus
Richards H.S., Oak Lawn, IL

What is the relationship between the color of a solution and the wavelengths of light passing through it? With this kit, teachers can demonstrate to their students continuous and absorption spectra. It works in almost any room with the lights off without the need for gas, flames, or expensive spectrum tube power supplies.

The kit uses the ability of a diffraction grating to dissect light that is passed through various colored solutions. Students view band absorption as a continuous spectrum filtered by one of the provided solutions. Using this data and a color wheel, allow students to make their own predictions. Students also observe dark line spectra from chloride solutions of erbium and praseodymium, similar to the spectra studied by astronomers in analyzing light from stars across the cosmos. Enough materials are included to perform the demonstration seven times.

Concepts: Spectroscopy, visible light spectrum, absorbance.
Time Required: One class period
Materials Provided: Flinn diffraction grating, copper(II) chloride solution, potassium permanganate solution, erbium chloride solution, praseodymium chloride solution, black construction paper, microchemistry solution bottles, red and yellow food dye, student worksheet masters, and teacher instructions.


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