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Determination of Ksp for Ca(OH)2 - Student Laboratory Kit

Determination of Ksp for Ca(OH)2 - Student Laboratory Kit, AP8833
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Determination of Ksp for Ca(OH)2 - Student Laboratory Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Equilibrium and equilibrium constant calculations often confuse students. Use this microscale experiment to help students understand the relationship between the equilibrium constant and solubility. Students prepare serial dilutions of calcium nitrate in separate wells of a reaction strip, and then combine these with equal volumes of a standard sodium hydroxide solution. Precipitation occurs in the wells where the Ksp of calcium hydroxide is exceeded. The first well with no precipitate is identified as saturated, and the concentrations of calcium and hydroxide ions in this well are used to calculate the Ksp value. Students repeat the process from the other direction, using serial dilutions of sodium hydroxide, in order to determine if the equilibrium constant is really a constant. The microscale lab is easy to set up, quick to perform and gives reliable and reproducible results.

Includes Teacher Notes with sample data and answers to all questions, extensive background material, reproducible student handouts, and all chemical and consumable supplies needed to perform the lab.

Complete for 30 students working in pairs.

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