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Periodic Table, Multicolored, Wall Chart with Spring Roller

Periodic Table, Multicolored, Wall Chart with Spring Roller, AP8865
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Periodic Table, Multicolored, Wall Chart with Spring Roller
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No chemistry room should be without this full colored, large periodic table. It's like having a reference book full of information on a single wall chart. This chart goes beyond the basics and includes other pertinent data such as boiling and melting points, density, electron configuration, half life, isotope information, atomic radius and more.

Various reference information commonly used in chemistry is also included (e.g., important constants, a solubility table, solubility curves, electronegativity table, flame tests table and more). Bright color-coding makes this chart easy to read and easy to distinguish between classes of metals and the element's phase.

58" x 42"; both sides have Kimdura finish. Two styles available: top and bottom bound with aluminum for easy hanging or the chart mounted on spring rollers for easy up and down access.


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