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20 Demonstrations Guaranteed to Knock Your Socks Off! Book and Video

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20 Demonstrations Guaranteed to Knock Your Socks Off! Book and Video
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Methane mamba, underwater fireworks, radial chromatography, cross-link glue, exploding eggs, the flame tornado, and shrinking suds are just a few of Bob Becker's exciting and innovative laboratory demonstrations. 20 Demonstrations Guaranteed to Knock Your Socks Off! was developed as a result of Bob Becker's participation in the Flinn Scientific Evening of Chemistry program at the 1993 NSTA National Convention.
The 55-page book contains full details on how to perform each of the demonstrations as well as a history of all chemical concepts being taught, preparation, procedures, reactions, safety precautions, tips, and references.

The videotape showcases the teaching and demonstration styles of one of our nation's top chemistry teachers. Bob Becker's demonstration style is guaranteed to motivate and energize both you and your students. The two-hour video is ideal for all first-year chemistry classes, biology teachers who find they must now teach chemistry for the very first time, and for substitutes who are teaching your class while you are gone.

This unique demonstration book and videotape are guaranteed to knock your socks off! Its demonstrations are truly entertaining and inspiring.


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