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Merit Water Still

Merit Water Still, AP8897
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Merit Water Still
Product Description

The Merit still's combination of features and its low price make it perfect for the school laboratory. Features include:

High output: 4 liters per hour!
High quality water: Suitable for general laboratory purposes.
High efficiency coil condenser
Safe: Automatic shutoff
Easy cleaning: No hazardous dismantling necessary
Compact in size with bench stand or wall mounting

The still is made of a sturdy borosilicate glass that allows perfect viewing of the distillation process. Glass is exposed so the still requires a good location to avoid accidental breakage. A built-in thermostat protects the still from overheating if the water supply should fail. It is mounted on a metal stand that sits on a table or can mount on a wall. The still produces high quality water that complies with the European Pharmacopoeia (the European equivalent of U.S.P.). Cleaning is easily done by adding the cleaning agent to a built-in funnel and drainer through a stopcock.

For operation on 220/240 V outlet, which would need to be installed by a licensed electrician before use. 50/60 Hz, UL listed. Dimensions are 20" x 6" x 18".


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