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Colligative Properties - Student Laboratory Kit

Colligative Properties - Student Laboratory Kit, AP9090
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Colligative Properties - Student Laboratory Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

How are nutrients transported through the roots of plants? Why do cucumbers shrivel up to pickles when placed in a salt solution? Why does adding antifreeze to water keep it from freezing at 0 ºC? This unique kit provides a complete lesson plan for all three colligative properties of solution—freezing-point depression, boiling-point elevation, and osmotic pressure. In this three-part experiment, students first measure boiling points to determine how the concentration of a solution changes due to osmosis. Students then observe the freezing point changes of water when different chemicals are added. Finally, students use a microscale procedure to investigate the effect of sodium chloride concentration on the boiling point of the solution.

Includes reproducible student handouts, detailed background information, Teacher Notes with sample data and answers to questions, and all chemicals and consumable supplies needed to perform the lab.

Complete for 30 students working in pairs.

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