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Giant Bubble Wand Kit

Giant Bubble Wand Kit AP9304
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Giant Bubble Wand Kit
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By: Mike Shaw and Greg Smith
Chestnut Grove Middle School, King, North Carolina

If you want to generate instant interest on the properties of matter, ask your students, “Would any of you like to be inside a bubble?” Watch as you are greeted with a classroom full of waving hands and eager students. Satisfy your students' hopes with a Giant Bubble Wand Kit from Flinn. For this kit, Flinn provides the directions and the complicated hardware. You provide five feet of inexpensive PVC pipe, a hula hoop, and a wading pool.
Your students will love the excitement of being completely enclosed in a bubble. You can even enclose two students in a single bubble! The instructions contain all the information you need to get started plus they offer you help in teaching qualitative and quantitative observation skills.

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