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A Demo A Day™ - A Year of Physical Science Demonstrations

A Demo A Day™ - A Year of Physical Science Demonstrations, AP9305
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A Demo A Day™ - A Year of Physical Science Demonstrations
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Author: Borislaw Bilash II

Nearly 200 demonstrations in physical science to engage and enlighten your students. All of these terrific demos were developed and written by experienced teachers who use them in their own classrooms. Each activity is designed in an easy-to-follow, concise format, including application, theory, materials, safety precautions, procedure, chemical disposal information, and references where available. Physical science concepts covered include:

• Waves, Sound, and Light
• Newton's Laws of Motion
• Electrical Charges and Currents
• Force and Mass
• Heat Energy
• Work, Power, and Simple Machines
• Atomic Theory and Bonding
• Energy and Motion
• Properties of Matter
• Classification of Matter
• Magnetism
• The Nature of a Gas

No longer will you have difficulty finding good demonstrations for physical science classes. With A Demo A Day for Physical Science, you'll have more than enough demonstrations for each day of the year! 333 pages, 8˝" x 11", spiral-bound.

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