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Bromine, Ampules, 3 x 1-g

Bromine Ampules, B0149
Catalog Number
Bromine, Ampules, 3 x 1-g
Product Description

F.W. 159.83

Due to Flinn's unique safety packaging, truck shipment is no longer required. The total volume of bromine in these ampules is about 1 mL.

HAZARD ALERT: Highly toxic by inhalation and ingestion; severe skin irritant; very strong oxidizer; reacts violently with many organic compounds; very hazardous substance even in this small ampule. TLV 0.66 mg/m3. LD50 2600 mg/kg.
Storage: Inorganic #2. Store in ampule (before single use). Since the bromine is in a sealed, glass ampule it will not present a vapor problem.
Disposal: #12a
Shelf Life: As packaged, excellent. This is meant to be a one-time-use product.
Soluble: Most organic solvents; slightly in water.
Color: Dark red/brown.
Odor: Irritating, chlorinelike.
CAS No. 7726-95-6
Technical Note: Keep a supply of sodium thiosulfate solution (hypo) on hand as a neutralizer when working with bromine.
Safety Purchase Suggestion: Bromine diffusion tubes (Catalog No. AP8474) are a great way to safely demonstrate the properties of bromine gas.


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