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Aquarium, All-Glass, 29 gal

Aquariums, All-Glass®, FB0210, etc.
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Aquarium, All-Glass, 29 gal
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The finest aquarium of its type. Constructed of high quality glass of unsurpassed clarity, strength and finish. Unlike metal-framed aquariums, these have no components that will rust, corrode or degrade-they are ideal for freshwater or marine use. Also, with no corner frame pieces, these tanks offer unobstructed viewing.

Glass is bonded with clear, leak-proof sealing cement that will retain its clarity, pliability and strength for years. Their construction allows these tanks to be left empty indefinitely-without concern for leaks when they are refilled. Top and bottom edges are protected by high impact plastic moldings. Upper molding also secures hoods or screen covers and allows firm attachment for accessories.

Dimensions (L x W x H)- 30" x 12" x 18"
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Note: Care must be taken to ensure installation of the aquarium on a strong, level surface. A full 29-gallon aquarium weighs well over 300 pounds! Installation on an uneven surface may result in stress-cracking of the glass.

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