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Power Filter Cartridges, 3/pkg

Power Filter With BIO-Wheel, FB0233
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Power Filter Cartridges, 3/pkg
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Installed in conjunction with undergravel filters in tanks larger than 15 gallons and also in 10- or 15-gallon tanks with large fish populations. This unit filters aquarium water three ways-mechanically, chemically and biologically-and greatly improves overall circulation. The built-in pump first forces water through a layer of dual-density filter floss for removal of excess food and other particulates. Water next passes through a layer of activated charcoal for removal of discoloration, noxious odors and numerous chemical contaminants. The water-driven BIO-Wheel is the final step in the process. Alternately wet and dry as it rotates, the BIO-Wheel harbors cultures of aerobic bacteria which reduce potentially toxic ammonia and nitrite on contact.

Filter cartridges, which contain the filter floss and charcoal, are quickly and easily replaced. The unit housing is designed with an overflow window which operates as a visual indicator of when a new cartridge is needed. Replacement cartridges are listed below.

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