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DNA Fingerprinting 1

DNA Fingerprinting 1, FB0307
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DNA Fingerprinting 1
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DNA fingerprinting has received a lot of attention as a forensic investigative tool. Already a deciding factor in numerous criminal cases, this technique can be effectively demonstrated in the classroom. This laboratory will illustrate the basic principles of DNA fingerprinting, with the results being analyzed and discussed in terms of a hypothetical criminal case. DNA samples from two suspects, each cleaved with two different restriction enzymes, are electrophoresed on a gel along with samples taken from the crime scene. Analysis will determine the guilty party. DNA source is Lambda phage.

Requires electrophoresis apparatus and power supply. Enough materials for 4-6 runs.

The DNA contained in this kit must be kept frozen prior to use. Orders will only be shipped between September 15 and May 15 unless we are told otherwise. Upon receipt, this kit should be stored in the freezer until just before it is to be used.


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