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Transformation of E. coli with JM101 pGal™

Transformation of E. coli JM101 with pGal™, FB0313
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Transformation of E. coli with JM101 pGal™
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Transformation involves the uptake of extra-cellular DNA by another cell, resulting in a newly acquired genetic trait. In this experiment, the bacterial “transformants” acquire antibiotic resistance and a blue color, following uptake of plasmid carried beta-galactosidase and ampicillin resistance genes. The plasmid used, pGal, is unique, and designed specifically to simplify the process. Cells provided are freeze-dried and ready to reconstitute and use-eliminating the need for costly overnight shipping and preparation of competent cells. Transformation and plating of cells requires 50 minutes-followed by overnight incubation.

Kit contains materials sufficient for 10 lab groups-with each group preparing these cell platings.

Kit contains items which require freezing or refrigeration and will be shipped separately. Kit is supplied with a redemption coupon for these items. You may fax or mail in your request for delivery of these items prior to the day of the lab. We appreciate notification two to three weeks in advance if possible.


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