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Blood Typing Kit- Simulated ABO, Rh and HIV

Blood Typing Kit-Simulated ABO, Rh and HIV, FB0441
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Blood Typing Kit- Simulated ABO, Rh and HIV
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By: Tom Russo
Science Teacher-Retired, Milburn, N.J.

A kit for typing simulated blood samples that incorporates a few added dimensions. Included are eight distinct blood samples, each of which can be ABO typed, Rh factor typed, and tested for the presence of HIV antibodies-indicative of exposure to AIDS. Hands-on activity is essential to conveying the various concepts involved in blood typing and this is close to the real thing. The agglutination reactions in the positive tests closely approximate those seen with real blood. This activity is perfectly safe as no human (or animal) blood or blood products of any kind are used.

Complete for three classes of 30 students, working in pairs.


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