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Culture Slide Microscope Adapter, 2/pkg

Culture Slides, FB0446, etc.
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Culture Slide Microscope Adapter, 2/pkg
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A microscope slide and culture tube in one. Made of unbreakable plastic, the tube tapers to a slide-thin viewing window. By positioning the window under a magnifier or microscope the live organisms within can be observed without the time, cost and frustration of slide preparation. Live algae and protozoa can be collected, cultured, and examined without being transferred or lost. Tubes have a capacity of 5 mL and are supplied with leakproof snap caps.

Students can develop their own cultures for experimentation and observation. Manipulative experiments involving variation of light regime, temperature, pH, and other parameters are infinitely more practical and the results more easily assessed.

A microscope stage adapter, built to the dimensions of a microscope slide, is available separately. The adapter fits under the stage clips or into a mechanical stage for accurate positioning of the viewing window under the objective. A 12-place rack for storage, sorting and transport of the culture slides is also available.

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