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DNA Staining - Student Laboratory Kit

DNA Staining - Student Laboratory Kit, FB0481
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DNA Staining - Student Laboratory Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Students grow their own onion root tips and then follow a specific staining procedure that will allow them to see the DNA in the root tip cells. Students harvest root tips, treat them with chemicals, macerate the tissue, stain the tissue, and then prepare their own microscope slides. Microscopic examination of their prepared slides will reveal the DNA and mitotic patterns in the meristematic cells. The straightforward, classic squash-and-stain procedure utilized in this activity will help the abstract notion of DNA become a reality.

Complete for 30 students working individually. Onion bulbs are required and available separately.


Onion Sets, 100/pkg
Ideal for growing root tips in the laboratory for mitosis studies. Simplifies the study of root growth development by eliminating the need for soil removal. Perishable material only available and shipped from September through May. Comes in package...
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