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A Case of Abduction - DNA Identity Testing Simulation

A Case of Abduction - DNA Identity Testing Simulation, FB0506
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A Case of Abduction - DNA Identity Testing Simulation
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By: William Humphries
Richardson H.S., Richardson, TX

A reality-based exploration into identity testing using mitochondrial DNA analysis. Your students play the role of investigators in an abduction case. The fascinating and highly educational simulation combines elements of history, human rights, family impact, forensic science, and genetics. In the course of their investigation, students will:

• “Digest” short, 60 base-pair sequences of mitochondrial DNA using Hae III restriction enzyme.
• Determine the sizes of the resulting “fragments” and use a standard curve to plot the migration distance for each fragment on a paper “gel”.
• Label the separated fragments with a “radioactive probe sequence”.
• Interpret the results to determine the true parentage of a child allegedly abducted as an infant.

Includes extensive background information, objectives, reproducible student copy masters, detailed results, study and follow-up questions, glossary, and extension ideas. The activity is designed to be conducted by cooperative teams and can be completed in two class periods.

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