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Growlab Mobile Garden

GrowLab® Mobile Garden, FB0546
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Growlab Mobile Garden
Product Description

A mobile gardening center and greenhouse for your classroom. Consider these features:

• Sturdy, easy-to-assemble aluminum frame and four smooth-rolling, locking casters.
• Lightweight fluorescent fixtures on height-adjustable sliding tracks.
• Wide-spectrum light tubes with wavelength output ideal for growing plants.
• 1104 sq. ft. of lighted tray area.
• Eight removable plastic trays (12" x 23") with moisture grids designed to keep plants watered over weekends and vacations.
• Climate-control humidity tent to retain warmth and moisture-perfect for starting seeds.
• 24-hour programmable timer allows control over day length.• Includes manual, GrowLab: A Complete Guide to Gardening in the Classroom.

Two 48" fluorescent fixtures are furnished with bulbs, and a multi-outlet power strip is affixed to the frame. Overall frame dimensions are 52" W x 23" D x 74" H. Upper shelf has a capacity of 72 3 1/2" potted plants. Bottom shelf offers storage space and room for future expansion.


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