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Marine Science Test Outfit Refill

Marine Science Test Outfit Refill FB0556
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Marine Science Test Outfit Refill
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Study unique saltwater environments-oceans, bays, marine estuaries, and coastal salt marshes-with this marine science test kit. Outfit contains individual test kit modules for the seven key test factors listed below. Also includes six water sampling collecting bottles, pad of water analysis report forms, and four useful handbooks: A Laboratory Manual for Marine Science Studies, Limnology, A Study of Water Quality, and Investigating Water Problems. Each module contains an instruction sheet and enough reagents and lab ware for 50 tests-each packaged in its own handy black storage case-so several teams can work simultaneously. Durable, industrial grade fabric tote features a rubber bottom, top and side handles, a removable shoulder strap, and convenient outside pockets. Economical reagent refill package is also available.

Test FactorRange
Alkalinity 0-200 ppm
Carbon Dioxide 0-50 ppm
Dissolved Oxygen 0-10.0 ppm
Hardness 0-200 ppm
pH, Wide Range3.0-10.0
pH, Salt Water 7.7-8.4
Salinity0-20 ppt



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