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Worm Composting Kit - Without worm coupon

Worm Composting Kit FB0534, etc.
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Worm Composting Kit - Without worm coupon
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Start an agricultural revolution in your classroom with the equipment and instructions in this kit. Your students will team up with the redworm, Eisenia fetida, to discover concepts of recycling, decomposition, worm life cycles, soil ecology, and organic farming. The cycle begins when students prepare the bin, introduce the worms, and add the first food scraps. Bin maintenance is simple and, if proper conditions are met, the system remains odorless. The cycle is complete when students grow plants in the rich, organic soil they harvest from the bin.

Kit includes a tough, recycled plastic bin (19" x 18" x 12") with snap-on lid, ventilation tubes, vent covers, garden fork, and a copy of the book Worms Eat My Garbage. Kit is available complete with a postage-paid coupon for one pound of redworms; or without coupon if you would prefer to obtain worms locally.


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