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Flinn Economy Electrophoresis Kit

Flinn Economy Electrophoresis Kit, FB0830
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Flinn Economy Electrophoresis Kit
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By: John Fedors, Retired Biology Teacher
San Diego, CA

Budget tight? This low-cost do-it-yourself kit allows you to quickly assemble your own gel electrophoresis apparatus that is guaranteed to perform like the more expensive units. Its easy-to-use design is perfect for the first-time electrophoresis user. This apparatus was teacher-designed and developed and has been thoroughly classroom tested. This innovative instrument operates on batteries and is actually safer than models using power supplies. Best of all, you save money by not having to purchase expensive power supplies.

Kit contains detailed instructions and materials necessary to construct the apparatus. Electrophoresis chemicals, aquarium sealer, and batteries are not included. Requires three to five 9-volt batteries for operation.

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