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Enviro-Bondô 403 -
An Oil Spill Cleanup Demonstration Kit

Enviro-Bondô 403 - An Oil Spill Cleanup Demonstration Kit, FB1025
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Enviro-Bondô 403 -
An Oil Spill Cleanup Demonstration Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

This oil polymer demonstration will undoubtedly capture your studentsí interest, stimulate scientific inquiry, and will heighten their awareness of the emerging environmental pollution issues facing our society.
A new form of hydrocarbon stabilization polymer technology is changing the way environmental scientists approach oil spill and waste management problems. This oil stabilizing polymer is called Enviro-Bondô 403. It is specially formulated to bond quickly and safely to many types of liquid hydrocarbons including crude oil, diesel fuel, and gasoline. The bonding is so complete that it literally encapsulates the liquid hydrocarbons in just seconds. Teacher Demonstration Notes included. Enough materials are provided to perform the demonstration seven times. Enviro-Bondô 403 is a product of Petroleum Environmental Technologies, Inc., Williamsburg, Michigan. 
Concepts: Latest technology in oil recovery.
Time Required: 30 minutes
Materials Provided: Enviro-Bondô 403, Marvel Mystery Oil, spoons, and sodium polyacrylate.


Enviro-Bondô 403 Hydrocarbon Encapsulant, 100 g
Storage: Miscellaneous nonhazardous organic material. Disposal: #26a Shelf Life: Indefinite Soluble: Insoluble Color: White solid Odor: None Technical Note: Use with Marvel Mystery Oil (Flinn Catalog No. AP8927) to simulate an oil spill cleanup! ...
Flinn Catalog/Reference Manual Page 359
Flinn Middle School Catalog/Reference Manual Page 684
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