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Biomicro: Microchemistry for Biology Book

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Biomicro: Microchemistry for Biology Book
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Author: Tom Russo

With BioMicro, biology teachers can begin to realize and enjoy the benefits of microscaling. Microscaling means using reduced quantities of chemicals, generating less waste, saving space, saving time, and significantly reducing expenses. It also means increasing efficiency, increasing hands-on involvement, doing more labs, and saving preparation time.

Here are twelve labs, many of which you are probably now doing in macroscale, redesigned using microscale techniques and equipment. Some examples are: Digestion of Starch to Glucose, Osmosis and Diffusion, Transpiration, Enzymes: Biological Catalysts, Effect of pH on Glycolysis, Chemotaxis, and Photosynthesis. Several of the labs are consistent with the Advanced Placement Biology curriculum, offering AP biology teachers an opportunity to save their most precious resource-time.

The BioMicro lab manual is sold on a Site License basis. It includes teacher and student pages for each lab. The Site License arrangement grants you full rights to reproduce the student pages for use within your school-an enormous savings when compared to buying each student his or her own manual. 1995, 98 pages, 8 1/2" x 11", spiral-bound.


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