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Hide and Seek: A Coliform Testing Kit

Hide and Seek: A Coliform Testing Kit, FB1227
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Hide and Seek: A Coliform Testing Kit
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By: John Fedors, Biology Teacher-Retired
San Diego, CA

Perform coliform testing without the mess of making and sterilizing Petri dishes! This kit uses the revolutionary new Petrifilm culture plates. E.coli Coliform Plates are ready for immediate use when you receive them. The paper-thin media film is not activated until you inoculate it with your test samples. The unique indicator dyes in the media make counting coliform colonies easy.

The activity in this kit is an open-ended, inquiry activity in which students test items of their own design for coliform presence. Your students will be amazed to find out that water that looks clear may be harboring dangerous pathogens. Kit includes complete instructions for using Petrifilm Plates, activity suggestions, a package of 25 Petrifilm E.coli Coliform Plates, Petrifilm spreaders, and teacher demonstration materials. The E.coli culture is available separately.

Bacterial Cultures, Escherichia coli
Escherichia coli. Variably motile rods found singly, paired, and in short chains. Common intestinal organism. Lactose fermenter. Unless otherwise noted, cultures are shipped in 16 x 125 mm screw-cap culture tubes, tightly sealed to prevent contamination...
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