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The Cell Cycle- Simulation of Chromosome Behaviors

The Cell Cycle-Simulations of Chromosome Behaviors, FB1443
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The Cell Cycle- Simulation of Chromosome Behaviors
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By: The Flinn Staff

Having trouble explaining the difference between mitosis and meiosis? Stop working so hard. Let your students model the two processes with these hands-on chromosome simulation materials. The unique chromosome models with magnetic centromeres and pop bead arms allow students to easily visualize and compare the two processes. The chromosome models are built by students and can be physically manipulated through the various stages of the cell cycle on their table top. With this kit, chromosomes and their behaviors will be easily understood by the students. Use the models later for a practical lab quiz.

Kit includes enough materials for 15 groups of students and includes 60 centrioles, 60 magnetic centromeres, 900 pop beads, and complete background and instructions.


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