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A Demo A Day™ - A Year of Biological Demonstrations

A Demo A Day™ - A Year of Biological Demonstrations, FB1551
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A Demo A Day™ - A Year of Biological Demonstrations
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Authors: Borislaw Bilash II and Martin Shields
James Caldwell H.S., West Caldwell, NJ

Over 200 biology demonstrations! Look no further for an idea bank of great biology demonstrations. The authors have reviewed, written and tested a multitude of classroom demos. The best and most dramatic made it into this must-have resource book. There are enough demonstrations provided to literally perform “a demo a day” for the entire school year.

Each demonstration is specifically designed with the high school biology teacher and classroom facility in mind. The write-up includes an overview, applications, theoretical basis, materials, safety precautions, demonstration directions, disposal procedures and references. The authors also provide a philosophical framework for the demonstrations in their introduction to the book.

The demonstrations are divided into sixteen chapters:

• Process of Science, Inquiry and Safety
• What is Life?
• Chemistry of Biology
• Kinetics of Biology: Enzymes
• Energy in Biology: Respiration
• Energy in Biology: Photosynthesis
• Cell Structure and Function
• Cells: Transport Across Membranes
• DNA and Biotechnology
• Sexual Reproduction, Meiosis and Heredity
• Evolution
• Diversity of Life: Microorganisms
• Diversity of Life: Plant
• Diversity of Life: Animals
• Vertebrate Body Systems and Homeostasis
• Ecology

Bring biology demonstrations back to life! 318 pages, 8˝" x 11", spiral-bound.


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