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AP Biology - 10 Quick Steps to Get Started Book

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AP Biology - 10 Quick Steps to Get Started Book
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Author: Teri Bellows Voorhees High School, Glen Gardner, NJ

So you have just been informed you will teach AP biology for the first time. Don't panic-this book is designed to be read in an hour or less and will give you a quick overview of the most common problems encountered in teaching AP biology for the first time. The author, an experienced AP biology teacher, has synthesized the major issues facing a first year AP biology teacher and provides an organizational scheme for handling each major stumbling block. The ten steps outlined will have a calming effect on what can appear to be an overwhelming task the first time through an AP biology course.
Additionally, the book provides teaching ideas and protocols in an easy-to-copy appendix. Good luck teaching AP biology! 2001, 80 pages, 8 1/2" x 11", spiral-bound.

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