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Genetics - Laboratory and Classroom Activities Book

Genetics-Laboratory and Classroom Activities, FB1553
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Genetics - Laboratory and Classroom Activities Book
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Author: Kathy Van Hoeck
York High School, Elmhurst, IL

Whether you are teaching a genetics course or a short unit on genetics, you will want this laboratory manual. The author has carefully written the labs used in her high school genetics course in an easy-to-follow format. An introduction is provided explaining the use of the manual as well as a syllabus if you choose to use the manual in a complete genetics course. Labs are classified as basic or advanced and range from classic coin-tossing activities to more advanced genetic transformation activities. Topics covered include: the use of Drosophila, probabilities, pedigree analysis, monohybrid crosses, dihybrid crosses, karyotyping, DNA extraction, genetic engineering, electrophoresis, transformations, restriction enzymes, DNA profiling, genetic diseases, and more. Each laboratory includes a statement of purpose, detailed background information, safety and disposal considerations, step-by-step directions, timeline teaching suggestions, numerous teaching tips and sample data.

With the forthcoming genetic discoveries resulting from the Human Genome Project you'll want to add more genetic labs to your curriculum. This is a book of great ones. 2009, 184 pages, 8 1/2" x 11", spiral-bound. 2nd Edition.


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