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McWorm: Invertebrate Fast Food Kit

McWorm: Invertebrate Fast Food, FB1558
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McWorm: Invertebrate Fast Food Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Observe predator-prey behaviors with live organisms! Watching organisms attack prey is sure to create tremendous student interest and hone observational skills. The soft-bodied oligochaete worm Lumbriculus variegatus is a frequent prey of vertebrate and invertebrate predators. Lumbriculus is fed to hydra and planaria and students witness the detection mechanism, the attack, the devouring, and the escape behaviors. Lumbriculus can also be fed to crayfish, leeches, fish, and other aquatic predators.

The kit includes transfer pipets and a unique quiz sheet with color predator/prey photographs. Worms, planaria and hydra are ordered separately.


Brown Planaria (Dugesia tigrina), Culture, Class Size 30
Brown Planaria (Dugesia tigrina). Hardier and more durable. This is the species for any manipulative study-regenerational or behavioral. Planaria  The common freshwater representative of the phylum Platyhelminthes-the flatworms. The phylum also...
Brown Hydra, Culture, Class Size 30
This widely distributed genus can be used to demonstrate several important concepts and processes as well as its own intriguing habits. A freshwater cnidarian, Hydra is by far the most easily cultured and studied member of the phylum. Daphnia can be...
Lumbriculus variegatus
Easy to culture and easy to see, this aquatic oligochaete worm makes a very versatile classroom experimental animal. Culture this worm and use it throughout the school year for multiple studies. The nearly transparent worm has distinct segmented parts...
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