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Stick Bug Survival Kit

Stick Bug Survival Kit, FB1607
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Stick Bug Survival Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

A fantastic hands-on activity where students learn about natural selection, gene pool, population size, and predator/prey relationships. Stick bugs live in a stick forest and tend to blend in with their stick forest surroundings. Forceps birds love to eat stick bugs when they can find them! What happens to a population of stick bugs over several generations? Who survives? Who thrives? Your students will have fun and remember key principles of survival after participation in this hands-on activity.

Working in teams, students will play the role of forceps birds and go on feeding frenzies. Each forceps bird has its favorite variation of stick bug. Once eaten, the stick bugs are not returned to the population. Only those that survive are allowed to reproduce. Which ones have the greatest survival rate after the first generation?

What happens to the makeup of the population? What happens to the population after many generations of feedings? All these questions plus many more will be answered.

Complete for 32 students working in groups of four.


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