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Mold Testing Kit

Mold Testing Kit, FB1610
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Mold Testing Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Become a mold detective! Where are molds found? Where are they most prevalent? Why are they potentially harmful? Students will use preparation-free 3M Petrifilm Yeast and Mold Count Plates to grow samples of molds collected from the environment. Petrifilm plates are premade, sterile Petri dish replacements that are ready for inoculation right out of their package. Students simply inoculate, incubate, and count their molds. They will be surprised to learn that molds are everywhere! In addition, students will learn that molds come in many sizes, shapes, and colors; vary in number from place to place; and are often difficult to control.

3M Petrifilm Yeast and Mold Count Plates and collection materials are provided. These materials will be sufficient for 50 tests.


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