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Flinn Cellgel™ Refill Kit, Pkg. of 5

Make Your Own Cell Kit, FB1612, etc.
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Flinn Cellgel™ Refill Kit, Pkg. of 5
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Students design their own cell, gather internal cell structure materials, and then use an exclusive polymer to mold their own unique 3-D model of a cell. Flinn Cellgel is an easy melt-and-pour polymer that sets up as a “permanent,” clear gelatin. It doesn't get moldy and it can be kept for years in a sealed container. Making their own transparent cell models will emphasize the 3-D nature of a cell and help offset the flat cell image depicted when looking through a microscope. If you have students make cell models, you will definitely want to use Flinn Cellgel!

Each kit contains eight melt-and-pour containers of Flinn Cellgel and directions for designing and molding cell models. If smaller working groups are desired or if every student will be making his own model, simply order the refill kit of Flinn Cellgel. Materials for organelles are not included.


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