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Experimental Design with Pillbugs

Experimental Design with Pillbugs, FB1624
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Experimental Design with Pillbugs
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By: The Flinn Staff

Let your students design and conduct their own controlled experiments. The lowly little pillbug is a perfect inquiry laboratory organism. They are odorless, easy to obtain, maintain, and handle while displaying an amazing variety of behaviors that can be easily observed by students. After observations of basic pillbug behavior, students are then encouraged to design and conduct an experiment based on their understanding of pillbug behavior.

Basic items, such as Petri dishes, filter paper, and detailed teaching instructions are provided. Isopods are ordered separately.


Isopods, Class of 100

Commonly known as "roly-polies" and "sow bugs" these small, harmless isopods are convenient for classroom studies. They are easy to care for and fun to observe. Isopods are great subjects for the behavior studies activities. Supplied in two convenient...
Brushes, Sorting - Camel Hair
Wooden handled brushes with super-fine bristles bound by a metal ferrule. Bristle tuft measures 1/8"D x 1/2"L. Ideal for sorting anesthetized fruit flies, as the soft bristles will not harm the flies in any way. Package of six brushes.
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