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Alcohol Fermentation Demonstration Kit

Alcohol Fermentation Demonstration Kit, FB1626
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Alcohol Fermentation Demonstration Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

The unique color changes will help your students understand the fermentation process.

A glucose solution is inoculated with yeast in an Erlenmeyer flask and then connected with a tube to a gas-collecting chamber. As fermentation occurs, the depletion of the oxygen in the flask causes a dramatic color change in the indicator in the flask. Simultaneously, the carbon dioxide produced from the reaction causes a color change in a different indicator solution in the collecting chamber.

Enough indicator solutions, yeast, and sugar are provided to conduct the demonstration seven times. Detailed instructions and background information are provided. A 250 mL flask, one-hole stopper, test tube, glass tube, and plastic tubing are required for completion of the demonstration.

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