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Bloodstain Pattern Analysis - Forensic Laboratory Kit

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis - Forensic Laboratory Kit, FB1643
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Bloodstain Pattern Analysis - Forensic Laboratory Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Blood and bloodstains are common at many crime scenes. In addition to blood type, the stain patterns can often reveal key elements in reconstructing the crime.

In this lab, simulated blood is used to collect data in bloodstain patterns. Student will drop simulated blood under controlled conditions in the laboratory. By controlling the height and angle of each drop, students can analyze spatter patterns and, like a criminalist, use the trends to analyze the origin of unknown bloodstains. The point of origin of blood at a crime scene can be very significant for forensic scientists in solving crimes with bloody stains. Bloodstain analysis is guaranteed to add a new level of student interest in your “who-dun-it” forensics unit.

Includes simulated blood, crime scene unknowns, pipets, rulers, protractors, student laboratory directions, and teacher background information.

Complete for 30 students working in pairs.

Simulated Blood, 500 mL
For use with Bloodstain Pattern Analysis - Forensic Laboratory Kit, Catalog No. FB1643.
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