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Hydroponic System

Hydroponics System, FB1680
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Hydroponic System
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A simple, inexpensive method to introduce hydroponics gardening into the classroom. This compact system is so small it will fit just about anywhere-on a bench, a shelf, table, or on a window ledge. Enjoy the ease and fun of hydroponics gardening in a mere 21/2 sq. ft. Grow flowers, herbs, and vegetables together in this freestanding hydroponics garden.

The garden contains six individual planters which allows you to rotate or add new plants as needed. Each planter rests in a pump-aerated nutrient solution allowing plants to absorb food and water as they need it. Pour in a little nutrient and water every week and that's it! Your students will be amazed that plants can grow without soil.

The complete system includes: 2-gallon reservoir, formed cover, growing medium, six planters, seed starter cubes, pump and tubing, hydroform nutrient, pH test kit, illustrated instructions, and water level indicator.


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