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Six Gel Electrophoresis Apparatus

Six Gel Electrophoresis Apparatus, FB1713
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Six Gel Electrophoresis Apparatus
Product Description

Save time and lots of money by running six gel electrophoresis trays at one time. That is a whole class worth! This oversized, seamless,injection-molded tank is safe and easy to use. The lid is transparent for clear monitoring of the run and features two push tabs for easy assembly and removal. The platinum-coated electrodes are removable, making repairs simple, and the leads are safety coated and recessed into the lid. Apparatus includes six removable 7 × 7 cm casting trays with rubber end stoppers and six 6-tooth combs. The adjustable leveling feet allow the fluid level to be totally uniform and assure better experimental results. Requires power supply such as FB0316.


Dual Power Supply

Safe, economical power supplies designed for educational use. The Mini Power Supply is designed to power one electrophoresis apparatus, the Dual Power Supply is designed to power one or two. The durable, non-metal, non-conductive housing elevates the...
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