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Comprehensive Biotechnology Laboratory System

Comprehensive Biotechnology Laboratory System, FB1732
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Comprehensive Biotechnology Laboratory System
Product Description

A low-cost way to build your own biotechnology laboratory. Our biotechnology lab system promises to take your electrophoresis studies to another level. The electrophoresis chambers are double-gel units and feature state-of-the-art design and safety features to prevent shocks. The variable voltage power supply can easily run all three electrophoresis chambers simultaneously. The microcentrifuge will allow you to spin down your samples and efficiently complete your pre-lab preparation. The transluminator will help your students see the bands on their gels to get the most from their experimental results. The complete system includes:

• 3 double-gel electrophoresis chambers
• 1 variable voltage power supply
• 1 agarose Gel Electrophoresis Lab Investigation including all of the necessary reagents
• 3 fixed volume micropipets, 25-µL
• 1 white light transluminator
• 1 microcentrifuge

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