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Microscope "Mystery" Kit - A Drawing, Identifying, and Size-Estimating Challenge

Microscope “Mystery”-A Drawing, Identifying and Size-Estimating Challenge, FB1751
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Microscope "Mystery" Kit - A Drawing, Identifying, and Size-Estimating Challenge
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By: Steve Parker
Gilman Public Schools, Gilman, WI

Take your students on a journey into the “mysterious” microscopic world as new and perhaps strange-looking life forms are examined. This is an exceptional way to introduce students to the proper use and care of a microscope as well as boosting their observational, drawing, and record-keeping skills.
Students will view specimens at different magnifications and then draw what they see. Applying their math skills, students will calculate the approximate size of microscopic objects. Then, using the information they have compiled, correctly identify eight “mystery” slides. This simple, but effective, activity uses no live cultures, messy biological stains, is easy to set up and can be reused many times.

Kit includes a set of 8 prepared slides, masters of all student worksheets and complete teacher notes. Compound microscopes are required.


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