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Using Bacteria To Clean Clothes? Genetic Engineering in Action

Using Bacteria to Clean Clothes? Genetic Engineering in Action, FB1755
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Using Bacteria To Clean Clothes? Genetic Engineering in Action
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By: The Flinn Staff

Creating organisms that have never existed on Earth is not just science fiction! Today, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are used in many ways to benefit mankind, from making insulin to improving detergents. In this easy-to-use kit, students investigate whether detergents that list GMO-derived enzymes as ingredients will “clean clothes” better than detergents that might not contain enzymes. The detergents are tested by comparing their effectiveness at digesting proteins (gelatin). In addition, many suggestions are included for turning this lab into a cooperative class project by assigning different variables to each group for testing.

Enough materials are included for 30 students working in pairs. Super Value Kit includes materials for 75 student groups. Balances with 0.1-g precision, hot plate(s), and pH paper or hand-held pH meters are required but not included.


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