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Who's The Daddy? DNA Profiling - Super Value Kit

Who's The Daddy? DNA Profiling - Super Value Kit, FB1758
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Who's The Daddy? DNA Profiling - Super Value Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Discover the power of DNA profiling (fingerprinting) using this creative simulation. No expensive equipment or chemicals needed! This activity only requires paper and scissors. Students solve a paternity case as they re-create each step of the DNA fingerprinting process.

After assembling double-stranded DNA “molecules,” students cut them into fragments to simulate restriction enzyme digestion and then separate the fragments by size in a simulated gel. Next the DNA fragments are “denatured” (cut into single strands), “blotted” (pattern copied onto a sheet of paper), and treated with simulated radioactive probes that combine with only specific base sequences. The resulting simulated autoradiograph identifies target DNA fragments, which are used to match the unidentified parent. This is a great teaching tool for students to learn how DNA fingerprinting really works! Includes black-line masters of simulated DNA segments, "radioactive probe" locators, electrophoresis gel blotter, magnetic tape, and zipper-lock bags.

Super Value Kit is complete for 30 students working in groups of six. All materials are reusable.


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