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"Constructing" Mitosis The 5E Way

“Constructing” Mitosis the 5E Way, FB1763
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"Constructing" Mitosis The 5E Way
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By: The Flinn Staff

Asexual reproduction, cell division, and fission are all words or descriptions generally used to refer to the same process-mitosis. Assist your students to more fully comprehend this important cellular process by Engaging them in a seemingly unrelated, but thought-provoking scenario. Next, allow them to Explore their understanding of the scenario and its relationship to a drawing they make using chalk, a large sheet of paper and pipe cleaners. As students continue through the Explanation and Elaboration parts of the activity, a written, verbal and visual understanding of the mitotic process and important events that occur within each phase are demonstrated as students draw simple cell diagrams. In the final Evaluation, onion root tip cells that are undergoing Interphase or a specific phase of mitosis, are found and identified using a microscope.

Kit contains enough materials for 30 students working in pairs. Microscopes are recommended but not provided.


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