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Torso, 27-part, Dual Sex with Open Spine and Back

Torso, 27-Part, Dual Sex with Open Spine and Back FB1778
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Torso, 27-part, Dual Sex with Open Spine and Back
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Our most advanced human torso model featuring 27 realistic, hand-painted, reproductions of all internal organs down to their smallest details. With all systems and anatomical structures shown and accessible, this model is a must for any advanced biology or anatomy course. Unlike other models, this one features an open back and spine showing muscle layers, spinal column and nerve branches. Removable parts include: half of the brain, eyeball with optic nerve, trachea, aorta and esophagus, both lungs, liver with gall bladder, front half of a kidney, heart-divided into two parts, two-part stomach, pancreas and spleen, both intestines, and one vertebrae showing a section of the spinal cord. The accompanying male and female genitalia are divided into four parts and are interchangeable. All numbered parts are referenced on the included key. Dimensions are 35˝" x 13" x 10".

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