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Fun with Classification Student Laboratory Kit

Fun with Classification Kit FB1783
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Fun with Classification Student Laboratory Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

What do biologists, librarians, and even store owners have in common? All of them need to group objects together for convenience, to classify material! Keeping track of more than 2.5 million living organisms is a daunting task for biologists-and for students. In this colorful and fun, hands-on activity, students work together in groups to identify the unique, distinguishing features of rubber fishing lures and to develop their own dichotomous keys for classifying lures. Students then exchange their keys and fishing lures with other groups to see if they can “follow along” and classify the lures. This is a terrific, inquiry-based introduction to classification for middle and high school students. Kit comes complete with detailed instructions, student worksheets, and ten sets of fishing lures with 10 different lures in each-100 lures total!

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