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Exploring the World of Soil Protozoa - Student Laboratory Kit

Exploring the World of Soil Protozoa Kit, FB1785
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Exploring the World of Soil Protozoa - Student Laboratory Kit
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By: David Brock, Kate Brockmeyer, Kalyani Ravi and Leah Miller
Roland Park Country School, Baltimore, MD

One of the last frontiers in science today is the very dirt beneath our feet! The organisms that inhabit the soil are responsible for all of the ecological cycles that make life possible for plants and animals. In this kit, students will gain valuable insight on protozoans-the “lions and tigers” of the soil-as they explore soil samples and actually quantify the number of these organisms. An excellent way for students to extract and explore the exciting world of soil protozoa.

Comes complete with all the materials needed for 30 students working in pairs.


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