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The Epidemic - Student Laboratory Kit

The Epidemic, FB1796
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The Epidemic - Student Laboratory Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

How is an epidemic started? Can it be stopped? Students simulate the movement of a deadly pathogen as they become “world travelers.” How easily will it travel from one international city to another when students simply shake hands? An excellent simulation to illustrate the importance of good hygiene. It is also a safe alternative compared to the traditional acid/base indicator pathogen-simulation labs.

Background information about the field of epidemiology, a step-by-step procedure, student worksheets, overheads, and complete teacher notes are provided. Enough materials for 150 students. An ultraviolet light is needed.


Ultraviolet Lamp, 18"
We converted a simple 18" fluorescent light fixture into a handy ultraviolet lamp. Use this black light to discover which substances fluoresce or phosphoresce when exposed to longwave ultraviolet light. Show your students that everyday products...
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