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Why Do People Look Different? Student Laboratory Kit

Why Do People Look Different? Student Laboratory Kit, FB1817
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Why Do People Look Different? Student Laboratory Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Simultaneously teach the exciting topics of electrophoresis and DNA fingerprinting. Students determine what members of a family-a father, mother, and three children-look like by running simulated DNA samples in agarose gel. Traits investigated include hair color, eye color, and the presence or absence of freckles. Simulated DNA is separated by electrophoresis and colorful bands immediately appear in the gel, eliminating the need for messy stains. A real time saver too—only one class period is required!Includes agarose, buffer needle-tip pipets, five simulated DNA samples, complete instructions and reproducible student worksheets.

Complete for 6 student groups. Super Value Kit is complete for 30 student groups. Requires electrophoresis apparatus and power supply.

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